Continuing buX: combining the new with the old

BuX, Brac University’s online learning platform, has undeniably become an integral part of the students’ learning experience. It has been the epicentre of all our academic activities for the last two years. As the days of online classes are slowly diminishing, many are left wondering whether buX ought to be continued, with university buildings slowly reclaiming their positions. 

While desks and chairs may be accessible again, an online learning platform in sync with in-person classes can be advantageous. In addition to offering convenient access to current and previous course materials, supplementary videos may help provide an overview of what is being taught before diving into a discussion, making classes more engaging. Azwad Fahim (Senior, CSE) called buX “an upgrade”, in terms of collecting and storing study materials. He also recalled having to download earlier study materials, prior to buX, from a less than ideal service. 

Besides, students who are yet to experience offline classes have grown accustomed to buX. Isaac Gomes (Freshmen, CSE) remarks, “The fundamentals should be covered in class, and buX should play a part in enhancing what we already learned.”

Regardless of how it may be used, the majority wishes to see buX remain even in fully offline classes. That said, as buX is still an active part of our education, given the hybrid semester, we will have to wait and see whether it is integrated into our curriculum or becomes obsolete in the later semesters to come.

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