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The Diana Awards 2024: Nafira Nayeem  Receives the Prestigious Legacy Award.

On 14th March, Nafira Nayeem Ahmad (Freshman, ENH), a student of BRAC University, was honoured with the prestigious Legacy Award of The Diana Award 2024. This award ceremony, in the remembrance of Princess Diana, is held every two years with an aim to honour the  youngsters for their humanitarian and social works. Twenty young individuals receive this award for their remarkable contributions. 

Nafira’s journey began during her high school years in 2019. As a student pursuing her O levels, she took the bold step of establishing the non-profit organisation ‘Amplitude.’ Her organisation has initiated campaigns in schools to raise awareness about crucial issues including the importance of sexual consent and  planning of comprehensive sexual education programs for all schools.

Through unwavering determination and heartfelt speeches at fundraisers, she gradually earned respect and recognition of people that successfully led  in rallying a team of more than 30 volunteers to join this noble cause. Nafira’s focus lies firmly on addressing the pressing issues within Bangladesh, demonstrating commitment to her homeland. 

Speaking with BracU Express, Nafira shared her reason for choosing to work for the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) cause, “I think we as people should be more tolerant of everyone. We have to start including everyone in all the things that we do. I feel like inequality is a huge problem in our society that also needs to be addressed and only through diversity, equity and inclusion, we can incorporate all these ideas to have a better world for everyone.”

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