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Sholo-ana love stories: Kache Ashar Golpo stars in BRAC University

In the month of love, Brac University Research for Development Club (ReD) organised an event named “Sholo-ana Bangaliana” to welcome the ever beautiful Spring and to spread Bengali culture among the Students of BRAC University.

On the first day of this 3-days long event, there was a special segment where ReD invited Close-up ‘Ei Shomoyer Kache Ashar Golpo’ stars to talk about their 3 upcoming dramas which were “Shomoy Shob Jane” directed by Shakeeb Fahad starring Tanjim Sayara Totini and Shashwata Dutta, “Take Off” directed by Amitabh Reza Chowdhury starring Priontee Urbee and Tamim Mridha, and “Ekta Tumi Lagbe” directed by Raka Nowshin Nawar starring Sudip Biswas Dip and Aisha Khan. This segment was hosted by the amazingly talented and funny Enayet Chowdhry. Enayet Chowdhury engaged with the audience throughout the event through witty jokes and comments and made everyone laugh uncontrollably.

All the stars from this drama series were present in the BracU auditorium. They shared their experience of working with their respective directors and their co-stars. There were also some inside jokes among them which greatly entertained the audience. 

After the initial introduction, 3 music videos were played for the audience. These are the songs that were specifically written for each drama. “Bhuler Moto”  from “Take Off”, “Tumi Daklei Firbo” from “Shomoy Shob Jane”, and “Tumi Lagbe” from “Ekta Tumi Lagbe”. The songs were loved by the whole audience. These songs were written by Pulak Aneel who is a songwriter and poet. He is working for the Close-up ‘Kache Ashar Golpo’ series since the beginning of production. The surprise appearance of Pulak Aneel was also a surprise for Enayet Chowdhury and he invited Pulak to the stage and asked him to recite a poem. He performed his poem “Bhuler Moto” which was made into a song for the drama “Take Off”. His beautiful performance mesmerised the audience and was greeted with a loud cheer after its end. 

Then came the final twist of this segment. Tamim Mridha asked for a guitar from the audience and when he was provided with one, he performed one of the cult classics of Bangla songs “Tomar Ghore”. The audience went wild and started to sing along with Tamim. 

The event concluded with ReD’s advisor Tarnima Warda Andalib’s acknowledgement of ReD’s hard work and dedication and she asked all the board members and general members of ReD team to the stage to take a group picture. Huge applause from the audience was the prize for organising such a wonderful event for the ReD team. The atmosphere and engagement of this segment created a truly unforgettable experience.

Sayed Hossain Shanto

Sayed Hossain Shanto is a contributor at BRACU Express. He is a Junior majoring in Media and Cultural Studies in the Department of English and Humanities. He is passionate about writing and sports. He wants to combine his two passions and become a sports journalist. Sayed also likes to write poems for himself in both Bangla and English.

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