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Career Counseling Seminar At Brac University

Brac University’s Economics Club arranged a “Career Counseling Seminar’’ on 16 February 2023 presented by KORE Search, a job training program in Bangladesh. Applying for jobs can be a lengthy process and with all the options, graduates may feel overwhelmed. A plethora of obstacles such as fear of rejection, lack of work experience, and not being able to vary between resume and CV can make the job process nefarious. Considering such obstacles, BracU’s Economics Club organised a career counselling seminar to help the students of BracU better prepare for the upcoming challenges they will face in the professional world. 

The seminar invited speakers from notable companies, such as Didarul Alam Khan, Executive Director (Head of brands), Walton Hi-Tech Industries, Mohammed Zia Uddin, Supply Director, Bangladesh Sri-Lanka Cluster, Reckitt, Kazi Naim, CEO and Founder of KORE Search (a job training institute in Bangladesh)

Career Advice for Students

The speakers enlightened the students with career advice, what to do and what not to do. Didarul Alam Khan (Executive Director,  Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC) said “If it takes you 5 years to determine your desired field of work, then so be it. Not taking time and rushing can land you on a job that won’t satisfy you”. In a culture where everyone dashes for jobs and setting up a career, it was refreshing as his statement drew a margin in the rush or more notably ‘hustle’ culture. 

In contrast, the Executive Director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries, Kazi Naim (Founder and CEO of KORE SEARCH), said it is obligatory for a fresh graduate to jump onto the bandwagon of job searching, sitting for interviews, etc. ‘’It reflects negatively on your resume if you take a gap from work,” he said. His advice for all undergraduate students would be to set up a Linkedin profile, frequently visit, the largest job site in Bangladesh, updating and assemble extra-curricular activities. These help to form a curated resume.

The career counselling seminar was illuminating for the students, as the economical situation keeps changing along with time, it is essential to have vital skills up the sleeves. This seminar helped students gain the knowledge they needed to explore different career options and find employment easily.

Labiba Alam Raidha

Labiba Alam Raidha is a Contributor, Sophomore year in BBA; have a passion for educating and therefore pursuing teaching as a self-employed teacher for O'level math and science subjects; my love language includes bitter-sweet note: desserts and black coffee. Reach her at

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