Television Twins: Who Would Get Along The Best?

Most sitcoms run on a formula of relatable characters who share similar characteristics to deliver a sense of comfort and joy to the audience. It is no different for some of TV’s most memorable characters to share similar traits with other sitcom characters.

Starting with “the World’s Best Boss” Michael Scott from “The Office”, who is known for his awkward social interactions, inappropriate jokes, and persistent desire to be liked by everyone is comparable to the typical sitcom “cool dad”, Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family”. Although Phil may appear as the antithesis of Micheal with a passion for dad jokes and genuinely being liked by all his clients in the real estate business, both characters embrace their inner child and dabble in roleplay like Michael as “Prison Mike ” and Phil’s running gag as the elegant Clive Bixby.

Sheldon Cooper, the typical geeky genius from “The Big Bang Theory” has a love for solving equations and puzzles while struggling to comprehend human interactions. In this regard, Sheldon strongly resembles Abed Ansari from “Community”. Ansari might not be a Nobel-prize winning physicist but his keen sense of humor and cheeky dialogue would make them inseparable allies if they ever crossed paths.

Ted and Ross come from the popular TV shows, “How I Met Your Mother” and “Friends” respectively and are formulated to be nearly identical. Both of them unabashedly display their passion towards their jobs, friends, and a hopeless romanticism. Whether it is the paleontologist turned British professor, Ross Geller who rambles on and on about evolution and dinosaur fossils, or architect turned lovable professor, Ted Mosby who still remains fascinated by the Empire State Building- both characters never stop looking for The One.

Last but not least, Pawnee’s lovable goofball, Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation” navigates an ambitious career to become the governor of Indiana with determination and positivity, while holding personal relationships at the core of her beliefs, similar to Brooklyn 99’s Ultimate Detective/Genius, Jake Peralta who may excel at pranks just as well at his job, provides the sitcom with a nuanced perspective on optimism and cherishing your loveable co-workers or squad.

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