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BRAC A becomes open finalists in Oxford IV 2021

After winning the championship in one of the most prestigious international debate tournaments, Cambridge IV 2021, BRAC A once again claims the position of open finalists in Oxford IV 2021. The event took place last year between November 27th and 28th.  

With more than 100 teams competing in this tournament, team BRAC A, consisting of Sourodip Paul (Postgraduate, MSAE) and Sajid Asbat Khandaker (Postgraduate, MSAE), navigated through 5 rounds in total to become open finalists, earning yet another victory for Brac University. With their remarkable performances, this duo secured their position as the second-best breaking open team of the tournament – competing with other institutions including Harvard University, University of Cambridge, BUET, and so on. Sajid Khandaker secured the title of the 7th best speaker in this event.

Both Sourodip Paul and Sajid Asbat Khandaker have been participating in debating competitions overseas, including South Africa, Mexico, Malaysia, and Indonesia. When asked about their achievement, Sourodip said, “The most important thing is to love the activity. Success is important but it is only secondary to the passion we have for debating.”

Aninda Provati

Aninda Provati is the Off-campus editor at BRACU Express. She is a senior student majoring in English at the Department of English and Humanities at BRAC University. Reach her at

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