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Team Code Black Inspiring Bangladeshi women in STEM

The field of stem is ruled by passion, hardwork and innovation, not by gender. Bangladesh’s first all-female robotics team “Code Black” from Brac University proved it efficiently by winning the Gold Medal at the 2024 World Science, Environment, and Engineering Competition (WSEEC) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event took place from May 12 to 18.The WSEEC,is an international robotics competition which  invites young inventors worldwide to illustrate their expertise in science, innovation, and technology.

From left, Prohori and the team members of Code Black on the first judgement day in the WSEEC 2024

Team Code Black participated in this competition with their advanced rescue robot “Prohori”, which was inspired by Jasimuddin’s “Nakshi Kanthar Math”. The rover is designed for disaster response and search-and-rescue operations. From analyzing visual data in real time to identifying survivors, evaluating precarious conditions, and navigating discursive scenarios with unmatched precision the robot is equipped perfectly to assist in disaster management. 

Its automatic decision making feature to adapt in an unanticipated situation during a rescue mission made it more radical.

Code Black was officially established in 2021 by BRAC University student Sunny Jubayer.This all-female robotics team is ardently working towards the vision to advance women in STEM fields in Bangladesh and aiming to empower women in the field of technology. Since 2021 the team has been showcasing their extraordinary capability in various robotics and programming competitions. Code Black has won bronze at the World Robot Olympiads in 2019 and 2022 and in 2022’s International Science and Innovation Fest they have won gold. 

This inspiring team consisted of Jannatul Ferdous Fabin (team leader), Nusrat Zahan Sinha (team management), Tahia Rahman (project manager), Nosrat Jahan Nowrin (hardware) and Saniea Islam Sara (software).

The success of Code Black is certainly a great embodiment for the legacy of women empowerment in STEM of Bangladesh.

Samia Chowdhury

Samia Chowdhury is a contributor at BRACU Express.She is a sophomore majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Brac University. She loves to chitchat. Mostly she blabbers through words. Reach her at

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