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BRACU Alter excels for the finals of RoboCup 2024

An extraordinary rescue rover team named “BRACU Alter” hailing from LaSSET(Laboratory of Space System Engineering and Technology) at the BSRM School of Engineering has carved its name into the finals of the prestigious World Championship of  RoboCup Rescue Robot League 2024.This marks a significant milestone for both Brac university and Bangladesh’s burgeoning field of robotics.

The RoboCup Rescue Robot League is not just any competition; it’s a global arena where the brightest minds converge to push the boundaries of robotics and artificial intelligence. Aimed at developing autonomous robots to aid emergency responders in hazardous environments, such as the aftermath of natural disasters or industrial accidents, this league challenges teams to create robots that can navigate complex terrains, relay critical information, and perform tasks that might be too dangerous for humans. Having evolved over two decades, this competition stands at the forefront of robotics innovation, setting the global benchmark for rescue robot capabilities and performance.

Video Credit: BRACU Alter

The torchbearers of this ambitious project are none other than a dedicated team of 19 members from diverse engineering backgrounds at BRAC University. At the helm is Mehedi Hassan (Junior, EEE) alongside pivotal team members like Niaz Nafi Rahman (Junior, CSE) , Shahoria Rahman Durjoy(Sophomore, EEE),  Tohora Tammin Anupoma (Junior, EEE), Farha Hassan Priti(Sophomore, EEE), Mustaq Muajhid(Junior,EEE) and Mehedi Hasan(Sophomore,CSE). The project is under the experienced guidance of Abdullah Hil Kafi and Raihana Shams Islam Antara, both lecturers in the EEE department and directors of LaSSET(Laboratory of Space System Engineering and Technology). Their expertise is not limited to terrestrial projects; they were also integral to the development of BRAC Onnesha, Bangladesh’s first nanosatellite. With the competition set to take place from July 15 to 22, 2024, in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the team is gearing up to showcase their groundbreaking work on an international platform that will see participants from around 45 countries.

On the other hand, team lead Mehedi Hassan stated that they are working tirelessly with the guidance of their advisors pushing themselves forward towards some pure research beyond their boundaries. When asked about Alter’s future he reassures, ” Our team envision the country into becoming a hub for robots and robotics product manufacturing; so BRACU ALTER is just the beginning of this journey.” As BRACU Alter prepares to represent Bangladesh in Eindhoven, their journey from conception to the world championship exemplifies the spirit of innovation and resilience. It’s a beacon of inspiration for aspiring engineers and scientists across the nation, signaling a promising future for Bangladesh in the realms of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Tagabun Taharim

Tagabun Taharim is the Editor-in-chief at BRACU Express. She is a junior majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineeing at BRAC University. Amidst the bustling thoughts constantly weaving through her mind, she seeks refuge in the realm of dreams, often pausing to indulge in her affection for the canvas of the sky and the mesmerizing hues of sunsets, evoking a profound fondness for all things celestial. Reach her at

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