Millennium Fellows of 2021: Educational Instruments for Needy Children

Md. Tanzeem Ul Alam (Sophomore, CSE) was selected for the Millennium Fellowship 2021 programme, a renowned skill development programme affiliated with the United Nations, for his phenomenal project which provides educational instruments to underprivileged children. The project was initiated after he and his team had learned that educational institutions that impart free education fail to provide the necessary instruments required for the students to continue their studies. This creates a hurdle for those students who do not have the luxury to afford these tools and materials essential to their learning, leading to large dropout rates.
To address this issue, Tanzeem and his team formulated an idea mid-2017 and launched the project where they provide tools to aid students with their academic learning. However, they faced roadblocks in the implementation of their plan as they lacked the necessary funding. In order to resolve this problem, they started recruiting members to collect funds for this campaign. Thus, they were able to expand their efforts of equipping more students with the tools they need to continue their education. In spite of such challenges, Tanzeem managed to keep on moving forward due to his empathy for the people and his determination to support them in their educational pursuits. When asked about his feelings on being selected as a Millennium Fellow, he humbly stated, “I feel privileged to be a representative of Bangladesh in the global forum. This program and the skills learned from it will immensely help me in my endeavour”.
Tanzeem hopes that this programme will help him equip with the knowledge and experience to further develop his campaign. He aims to expand his operation nationwide as he believes that no child should be restricted by financial constraints when pursuing a quality education.
Written by – Syed Sabiq Ashraf

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