BRACU announces campus reopening: welcoming the old again

From a freshman’s perspective

Brac University has announced the reinstitution of in-person classes starting from the 29th of January when the Spring 2022 semester officially begins. Following nearly two years of online classes, the announcement comes as a fresh treat to those students who have been holed up indoors in the wake of the pandemic, with the news signalling a return to normal life. 

The overwhelming joy with which this news is received comes with equal trepidation for most students. The chance of being able to reunite with friends and physically connect with faculty members has been coveted by students who had to spend their prime university years at home. However, despite being anxious to return to campus, many are still apprehensive of the effects of the ongoing pandemic and understand the importance of exercising caution while on campus. “I am very excited to meet my friends and faculty, and even though I may not like it, I realise we must wear masks all the time,” says Zubaida Anhaa (Freshmen, ENH). 

For freshmen, the reopening of campus stirs up an undulating range of emotions. Having completed their initial semesters online, this is the moment they will be receiving the full-fledged university experience – a time that is equally exciting and unnerving. “While I am looking forward to in-person classes, I am not sure what to expect from them,” states Abrar Hasnat (Freshmen, CSE). 

While reverting to offline classes was just a matter of time, making this transition successful requires students to heed all official directives diligently.

Anindita Rhine

Anindita Rhine is a senior majoring in English Literature at BRAC University. She spends most of her time looking at puppers and wishing to be the Mother-of-All-Doggos on Earth. Reach her at anindita.hossain.rhine@g.bracu.ac.bd

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