Navigating the BracU Life Amidst Heatwaves

In recent times, the people of Bangladesh have found themselves in the midst of a stubborn heatwave. With a heatwave of consecutive 24 days, the severity of the situation cannot be overstated. For BracU students, this isn’t just about enduring discomfort; it’s about safeguarding their well-being amidst rising temperatures and mounting health risks.

Beyond the discomfort of oppressive heat, the rising temperatures pose significant health risks, especially for those commuting long distances or engaging in outdoor activities between classes. When it’s scorching outside, we’ve got to watch out for heat-related problems like heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Additionally, power outages hamper our study routines and make it hard to stay connected. Besides, frequent load sheddings in student residential areas may result in water and food shortages, amplifying the struggle to maintain basic necessities. 

Amidst countless accounts of heatstrokes and power shortages, Summer 2024 is shaping up to be one of the hottest and worst summers ever. Which raises the question: how can we brace ourselves for the upcoming days? The good news is, as tough as it might feel dealing with this scorching weather, there are some easy steps we can take to ensure our safety and well-being.

Staying hydrated

The first and most important step to mitigate heat related complications is – to drink loads of water. Yes! It’s that simple. Proper hydration makes it so that we aren’t facing the risk of dehydration. Additionally, water and cold liquids act as natural cooling agents by lowering the internal body temperatures, further lowering the risk of having heat strokes. Cold beverages like milkshakes, fruit juices, and iced teas available at Chipi-Chapa food stalls offer refreshing relief.

Outdoor vigilance

When we’re heading out, it’s best to make sure we take steps to stay cool and protect ourselves from the blazing sun. Wearing loose, breathable clothing, using sunscreen, carrying mini-fans and umbrellas, and staying hydrated before and after outdoor activities are effective strategies to beat the heat.

Avoiding sunlight

The best way to combat heat waves is to not deal with them at all. Staying indoors in a cool and well ventilated area is the best course of action. Resting in air conditioned areas is highly recommended for vulnerable people. The Ayesha Abed Library located in the 8th and 9th floors of the Badda campus has become a popular place for anyone looking to take a breather.

Staying in the know

Checking out weather forecasts and planning activities accordingly is the way to go. Additionally, becoming informed about health risks and following safety guidelines and health mandates provided by local authorities is a must. At the first sign of heat related health problems, we should go to the university medical center immediately.

As much as we wish for the heat to be over, it looks like we have been cursed with a perpetual hot spell in the days to come. However, by following these guidelines, we can minimize the harm and prepare ourselves to navigate the rest of the blaze in confidence.

Tashfin Rahman Orpa

Tashfin is a member of the Administrative Unit at BRACU Express. She is currently a sophomore majoring in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at BRACU University. Reach her at tashfin.rahman.orpa@g.bracu.ac.bd

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