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Bridging the Gap: Innovation that reconnects.

BRAC University students Abdul Al Arefin (Senior, ARC), Golam Ahammad Sunny (Teaching Assistant, ARC), Md. Shafi Hasnanin (Senior, ARC), and Monishita Mumtahina (Alumna, ARC) proudly secured the 8th winning entry in the Surplus Properties for Housing design competition, hosted by Dalhousie University and Arch Hive for the International Design Competition 2024. Mumtahina, on behalf of her team, shares, “We were feeling so thrilled about being one of the winning teams. We were the only team from Bangladesh. We were super elated when we got to know the winning entries at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a big milestone for us.”

The goal of the event was to tackle the persistent housing issues in Halifax, Canada and with what Mumtahina adds, the team’s motivation becomes clear, “During the competition, our main focus was to stay true to the design purpose, which was to provide affordable housing for all kinds of users.”

When asked about their vision for this design, Mumtahina explains, “The design process of this project followed the principles of new contextualism. Incorporating context study, low cost material, floating amenities, elevated greenhouse and common spaces for people of all stages to reconnect, “Bridging the Gap” came alive. It was important to not only build a place to stay for various kinds of users, but also to create a celebration space for people.” Through this victory, BRAC University students immaculately showcase how talented and innovative the students are.

Fatima Binte Zahid

Fatima Binte Zahid is a Journalist at BRACU Express. She is a sophomore, majoring in Media and Cultural Studies from the English Department at Brac University. She is very much passionate about writing, reading and music. Reach her at

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