Eid Reminiscence


Sitting at my balcony, while a soft breeze was blowing, I could smell that soothing fragrance I know so well. The smell is like a sample scent to me that takes me to a walk down memory lane. In that lane, there was a house made of red bricks along with a pigeon nest beside it. There lived my “Didi”, my grandma.

On Eid mornings, the entire house of my didi smelled like heaven on earth. I did not know which home fragrance she used, but the smell felt like a white delicate flower. On the nights before Eid, I used to sit next to my didi and fascinatingly glanced at her while she beautifully decorated the entire living room with antique showpieces and flowers. Six years old me, with mehndi on my little hands, gazed at her while she passionately cooked all her special dishes for Eid. I eagerly waited for the moment when she would mix the red food coloring to the ‘Faluda’ and it would turn into a soft pink color.

She is no longer with us but now when I reminisce about those blissful memories, I realize that Eid actually felt like Eid because of her. Every cherished moment of our life is about people who are close to our hearts, who have the sheer ability to make any moment special.

The smell was fading away with the breeze but her memories never faded away. She will always stay alive with me, in my mind.

Written by : Tahsin Tasnim (Junior, CSE)

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