Eid Reminiscence

Survival and Celebration

Ali slammed the door shut behind him too late. Zombies gushed over like water spilling from a cup.

“Told you it won’t work!” Idris said as he and Ali ran outside.

“I thought my timing was magnificent!” Ali protested. He hauled the gun which was over his shoulder and blasted the few zombies behind him.

“When was your timing ever right?” Both the brothers made a turn around a high rise building. Most of the zombies did not take the turn and went ahead, while the few that took it, ran towards them in bloodlust.

Illustration by: Raian Kibria Rohan
Illustration by: Raian Kibria Rohan

“If we don’t hurry, the food might go bad,” Ali said, ”Our Eid this year might go to waste.”

Idris’s gaze hardened, all at once was reminded of the land they lived in: Tethered, desolate, with no ends in sight. He locked eyes at the zombies behind him, with a quick movement, he blasted them off with his two snipers.

“No Eid will go to waste on my watch,” Idris said quietly, “Let’s go quickly to our headquarters.

Their headquarters was just a grocery store that was renovated over the months into their safe place. It did not take Ali and Idris that long to come back.

“Nyla!” Ali yelled excitedly, ”We got the stuff! How did you know it was in that factory? Who gave you the intel?”

“That’s none of your business,” Nyla said as she took the foodstuff from Ali’s hand, ”Aunt Salma! Turn on the stove, it’s party time!”

Aunt Salma got out from a makeshift lab room just in time. She smiled calmly towards the brothers, ”Good job both of you. Now Idris, help me in the kitchen. Ali, help your sister to make the table. Today’s Eid will be magnificent.”

Ali, Idris and Nyla gave each other quick smiles as all of them went off to do what they were asked.

Fariba Mir

Fariba Mir is a contributor in the writing and admin unit at BRACU Express. She is a Sophmore majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at BRAC University. She enjoys reading books and mangas then ponder about them for weeks, watch animes and movies that engulfs her imagination, and draws whenever her inspiration strikes. She can stare at the wall like a champ. Reach her at fariba.mir@g.bracu.ac.bd

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