Eid Reminiscence

Nostalgia and New beginnings


Illustration by : Sumaiya Shams
Illustration by : Sumaiya Shams

‘I won’t be able to come for this Eid again. Can you stop reminding me, Maa? I am going through a lot!’ Zeeshan hung up the phone. He had been living away from his family for quite a few years. Since childhood, he has been keen to explore. So, he started becoming independent. However, he worked tirelessly for long hours.

The next day, he received a text. His meeting got canceled. He went to a cafe to have light snacks but soon fell asleep. He woke up to the sound of laughter from a nearby place. When he arrived, he saw everyone warmly greeting and saying ‘Eid Mubarak’. The delicious aroma of food and the colorful attire of the people made the whole area festive. The children were playing and showing their Eid cards.

Suddenly, Zeeshan started to recall his lovely childhood days. He was so excited that he could not sleep properly the night before Eid. He helped his mother serve the meals and cheerfully collected Eidi with his cousins on Eid. Sometimes, his father took him to the orphanage, where he played with the kids. He became sentimental after recollecting these memories. Nobody knew whether it was a feeling of affection or sorrow. People welcomed him. He spent the rest of his day there. That night, he talked with his mother on the phone for a long time. He told her about his plan to take a holiday and meet with the family.

Written by Saima Sayeeda


“Why are our suitcases not packed yet? We’re going to Mymensingh tomorrow, aren’t we?”

The sweet voice of Amara made her parents sigh. They were unsure of how to break their little girl’s heart on Chaand Raat, how to confess they cannot take her to her cousins tomorrow. But they had to. So they told her the truth. They’ll be staying in Dhaka for this Eid. And Amara’s eyes grew heavy with tears and her mehndi design seemed less important to her all of a sudden.

The clock struck 7.30 on Eid morning and Amara’s mom came to wake her up. With a heavy heart, she showered and dressed up to show her aunts and cousins her Eid dress over call. With all that being over, there was nothing else for her to do for the rest of the day. And then came a call from her neighbor Sayra apu to go over to theirs. After a round of desserts, Sayra apu suggested visiting the other neighbors. They started with the topmost floor, paying visits to the two families living in each flat and that continued till the ground floor, collecting 1 girl from every flat they set their food in, And at the end of the day, our 10 year old Amara had 15 friends to share her Eid day with.

Written by Faria Alam

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