Reminisce With The Press: The Vampire Diaries, The Harry Potter movies, and Daruchini Dip

Due to the busy nature of our hectic life, sometimes we wish to get away from enormous day-to-day problems and challenges. Nostalgia can serve as a breath of fresh air that helps us relive our stress-free, happy times.
The Vampire Diaries
The Vampire Diaries is a teen show which led to the vampire craze among children, teenagers and adults. The heartthrob of the show Ian Somerhalder, who flawlessly portrayed the character of Damon Salvatore still preciously lives in my heart. This show beautifully represented every type of bond people can have- friendship, romance, brotherhood etc. The famous love triangle, unbeatable bromance and of course Katherine, the greatest villain of television history, made this show extremely rewatchable and unforgettable for many of us. It came out at a time when we did not have the luxury of high-speed internet. I used to wait for my cousin to download the episodes, which was really hard to endure. Rewatching this show felt like reliving my teenage days, a less stressful and more peaceful time.
The Harry Potter movies
At the time of the pandemic, all I wanted to do was go to a magical world, where I could leave all the muggle worries behind me. But as it is not possible to visit an actual magical world, I rewatched the Harry Potter movies instead, which was a great alternative. Experiencing the mesmerising journey at Hogwarts with the golden trio felt like a quick trip back to my childhood days. Getting that Hogwarts letter and entering the great magical community is still a dream for many potterheads. From cursing Professor Snape for making Harry’s life miserable to crying for him at the end of the series, somehow along the line we all grew up. I realised how my precious childhood was so deeply intertwined with this magical world, and so rewatching these movies felt like returning home.
Daruchini Dip
Daruchini Dip is a Bangladeshi movie that has left a great impact on me. The struggles of a middle class family, unbreakable friendships, romance were included in that movie. Back when I watched it, I imagined myself going on a trip to a heavenly island called Daruchini Dip with my friends. After giving it a rewatch, I felt the same urge to go back to that time where I could enjoy moments of calmness and serenity. Nostalgia hit me hard, when I realised I first watched this movie when I was only a child who wanted to grow as fast as possible, just to go on a trip like that and now I am an adult wishing for the complete opposite and will do anything to get my childhood back. Daruchini Dip with its fantastic scenarios and exceptionally good story line gave me something to look back to for the rest of my life. Humayun Ahmed and the actors truly did a remarkable job delivering a movie that will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time.

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