Reminisce With The Press: Mirror Mirror, The Hunger Games, ParaNorman

Our childhood and teenage years are filled with a constant stream of media in the form of music, movies, and TV shows. Some of these childhood favourites burrow into our memories forever. And catching a glimpse of these old favourites today opens up a box of endless nostalgia. During the quarantine period, a few movies were a source of nostalgic amusement for me as I rewatched them – movies such as Mirror Mirror, The Hunger Games, and ParaNorman.
Mirror Mirror
I have always been a big fan of Disney movies. I distinctly remember attending the screening of Mirror Mirror as it was my first time going to a theatre and watching a movie on the big screen. I was expecting a traditional Snow White movie, but it was much more than that, to my surprise. The comedic timing, the protagonist and antagonist, the side characters – all the components came together to make the movie wonderfully captivating. However, the part of the film that stood out to me the most was the antagonist. Queen Clementianna, played by Julia Roberts, was a near-perfect portrayal of Snow White’s evil stepmother. Even to this day, it fascinates me how powerful the women in the movie were depicted. During the pandemic, I proceeded to binge-watch a few of the classic Disney movies, and Mirror Mirror was one of them. The highlight of rewatching the movie was witnessing Julia Roberts emulate the role of the villain with her extraordinary acting abilities, and the plot of the movie kept me enthralled till the very end.
The Hunger Games
Watching The Hunger Games was nothing short of a riveting experience. People usually prefer to watch movies after having read the book. But in my case, the reverse was true; I got inspired to read the book after watching the movie. The Hunger Games (2012) film was so gripping that it piqued my interest in the book series. In the quest to consume everything centering on the fascinating world of Panem and District 12, I finished reading the entire trilogy. What struck me the most was how the movie distinctly portrayed the dynamics of societal discrimination and how certain privileged groups of people benefitted from the despair and misery of the masses. Katniss Everdeen, a girl with a rebellious spirit, disrupted the corrupt system with her fierceness to stand up against the autocratic rulers. I revisited The Hunger Games series during quarantine, and it is safe to say that the first movie will always hold a special place in my heart. This series was an immense source of nostalgia for me; not only do I have many fond memories associated with watching the movies, but the books too had elevated my love for reading, making it a series I keep revisiting time and time again.
I enjoyed rewatching movies that captivated me at different stages of my life in the pandemic days, and ParaNorman made the cut. The plot of the film and the tragedy revolving around Agatha held an allure over me, making it a movie I have rewatched multiple times over the years. The movie follows the journey of Norman in his attempt to save his town from the curse of the witch on resurrection day. As the story progresses, the tragic backstories and the unexpected twists are revealed one by one, adding emotional depth to an otherwise comedic film. The movie is chock-full of intriguing elements, such as ghosts, zombies, curses, and witchcraft, appealing to the vast majority. But the ending solidifies my love for ParaNorman, as it delivers a heartwarming message of acceptance to its audience.

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