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The First Theatre Escapade at BracU

‘We cordially welcome you to our version of this timeless iconic comedy that resonates with us centuries after being staged for the first time, back in the restoration period’ ~Playbill, Section 2

Spotlights, music, stage decor, and performers adorning old English attires took the watchers back to the eras of Renaissance and Restoration. Brac University students attended the first theatre performance conducted by ENG114: Introduction to English Drama Spring’ 24 students at the lecture theatre this April. Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe and The Way of the World by William Congreve conducted by the two sections, exceeded all expectations as students organized, directed, and performed such classical plays with immense effort and grace.

Students, having a month to prepare, were divided into teams of PR, playbill & promotion, music, lights & stage management, performance, and reports. Albeit the heatwave snubbed their chance at on-stage rehearsal, they opted to make do with practicing online. On D-day, the hall filled up to the brim with the audience, reflecting their bubbling excitement. This was a moment of pride yet a challenge as the suffocation grew even with proper ventilation as stated by Ms. Samirah Tabassum (Lecturer, ENH). She describes a memory of section 1 that dwelled on her. When enacting the scene of Dr Faustus cutting his arm, and the knife going missing, the actor Nafira Nayeem (student, ENH) improvised by burning her hand with a lighter placed nearby. The search for the prop made an unexpected comedic relief. Consequently, for section 2, a praise-worthy marker was their self-choreographed dance performance. To conclude, this was merely the debut, there will be more plays in the coming days that will further starstruck the watchers, so BracU students should stay tuned for the plays this upcoming semester!

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