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Two Sides of the Same Coin: The RS Experience

There can be two different versions of a story. In fact, two people may even lead different lives under the same roof. Just like in a Christopher Nolan movie, one’s life in RS can play out in two different simulations, each with its own possibilities.

In Simulation 1, you find yourself at TARC surrounded by like-minded, inspiring individuals who share your interests and values. Each day feels like a new adventure, filled with stimulating conversations, collaborative projects, and mutual support. Your roommates become your closest friends, and you form a tight-knit community that feels more like family. Together, you explore the campus, participate in enriching activities, and push each other to grow personally and professionally. You leave TARC with meaningful connections and cherished memories.

In Simulation 2, your TARC experience takes a different turn. You find yourself with people whose personalities and hygiene habits clash with yours, struggling to find common ground. You retreat into your own world, focusing solely on your individual tasks. Despite the challenges, you persevere, learning resilience and patience. As you leave TARC, you carry with you a mix of relief and valuable lessons about navigating through social dynamics.

Fortunately, in both scenarios, there is one constant: you will meet many people in RS who are not necessarily like you. You will learn to be comfortable even outside your comfort zone. When asked about their RS experience, different alumni have varying opinions on what’s the best thing about RS.

Photo Credit: Team Bertho

According to Tabassum Hasnat (Sophomore, School of Law), “The best thing about RS was being able to make ridiculous memories with friends while sitting in the balcony post 3 am in the night.” According to the experience shared by Mukit Anis (Lecturer, BRAC Business School), “RS is a miniature version of the real world, where you’ll find a mix of people from different families, backgrounds and social classes.” In a way, it is like an agora, where you are surrounded by various personalities, pursuits and versions of life, allowing you to choose the one that interests you the most. Away from your comfort zone, you are bound to gain the introspection needed to discover and understand yourself.

In RS, to practice during the weekends, you will get to choose an activity that interests you the most. Your options for RS activities will include The Duke of Edinburgh, Orko & Srijon, Presentation Skills, Guitar Lessons, Martial Arts-Taekwondo, Photography, Jewelry Making, Mushroom Cultivation and more. Who’s to say you won’t turn one of these passion projects into your own pet project, career, or even business in the future?

Activities like the Social Learning Lab teach you empathy by having you role-play as the cleaning staff, cook, and server for one day. Moreover, waking up early to get breakfast, making your own bed, and doing your own laundry teach you self-discipline. In essence, the whole RS experience is designed in a way that allows you to come out of your shell, build your network and improve your communication skills. That’s what makes RS a worthwhile experience.

Photo credit: Team Bertho

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