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A Kaleidoscope of Culture and Colors

Draped in colors and bonded by culture – the ending of Magh and the beginning of Falgun were different this time at BRAC University. The campus basked in a colorful, festive avatar on the 13th and 14th of February, an ambience which was never seen before. Falgun Fest 1430, arranged by the BRAC University Leadership Development Forum (BULDF) brought together a celebration of a lifetime. 

The Fest was an assemblage of a dozen stalls by students and outsiders, where items ranged from jewellery, accessories, and perfumes to food and clothes. The whole affair not only became the center of attraction because of its splendid choice of location – the open space on the ground floor, but also saw a huge turnout, including the honorable Vice-Chancellor Syed Mahfuzul Aziz sir. The fest ran from 10 am to 5 pm on Day 1 and till late evening on Day 2 and wrapped up with dazzling cultural programs and an engaging flashmob.

Photo Credit: Fatima Sajid Kamal
Photo Credit: Raquib Al Hasan

While day 1 attracted the shopping spirit of people with its appealing floral decor and contagious energy, the demeanor completely changed on the second day and a whole different magic unfolded. All stalls were getting their baskets restocked at barely midday, with the jewelry and food stalls being the most popular. However, although the decor and choice of stalls were very appealing and aesthetically pleasing, many felt that the products could have been sold cheaper. Some stall owners too felt their rents could have been considered lower than what they paid.

Photo Credit: Raquib Al Hasan
Photo Credit: Maheer Helal

Day 2 of the Falgun fest revealed an unseen vibrant atmosphere. Everyone arrived clad in Falgun attire, the sweet smell of flowers neatly tucked in their hair and beautiful alpona on their hands drawn by the artists. The event went on till late afternoon and then the crowd cleared to have the very first flashmob take the stage in our permanent campus. And finally, the event wrapped up with an energetic cultural program which got everyone swaying to the Bengali beats till late evening.  

Faria Alam

Faria Alam is a writer at the BRACU Express. She is a 3rd semester student, majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BRAC University. She loves writing stories, dancing and reading. And not to mention, a movie lover. Loves to introduce herself as an ambivert depending on how she feels on that particular day. Reach her at

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