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‘Agrimate: A Climate Resilient Solution’ Claims The Hult Prize 2024 Championship.

On January 31st, Team Jade of Brac University won the prestigious HULT Prize Championship of 2024. It was organised by Brac Business School. Team Jade with their full potential and excellence stood out as the champions. The first runner-up was Team Atif followed by the second runner-up Team AlphaPi.

HULT Prize is a competition to encourage young students and brilliant minds to come up with innovative business ideas through which they will be able to bring a positive impact on society. Winning team Jade’s “Agrimate” project was a perfect embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit as well as the impactful existence of the youth community as they are trying their heart and soul to bring change into the lives of our agricultural community. As a huge portion of the rural community of Bangladesh has dedicated their lives to the food production sector, this app “Agrimate” has been programmed taking them into account making it suitable for this digital era. “As a tech enthusiast, I’ve geeked out over the last two decades watching technology reshape the world. But I never thought I’d be in the mix, working on something that’s changing the game in how we tackle climate issues for farmers. It’s an incredible journey, and I’m excited to ride along, aiming to make a positive impact in the lives of those who grow our future.” said Arnab Debnath, a member of the winning team. 

Photo Credit: Team Jade

The ultimate mission of this project is to achieve SDG and create awareness among farmers by supplying them with proper climate-related information, farming suggestions as well as upcoming disaster updates. Referencing the “Agrimate” project, Farin Sabrina (a member of Team Jade) quoted “It’s time the youth takes charge of the farming industry to ensure sustainable farming so that 20 years later we still have food on our plate. We had 9 natural disasters hitting last year with 1437 crore bdr crop damage, that isn’t a small number. Agrimate is the future of Bangladesh being that one-stop affordable, assured, and accessible climate resilient app”. 

Photo Credit: Team Jade

During the winning speech of team Jade, they expressed their rejoicing saying that this championship has exposed their lives to enormous possibilities of a better future. “Winning Agrimate is a dream come true moment for all of us and we are all happy beyond comprehension as we really worked hard for the championship. It was simply surreal” said Tasnia Alam, one of the champions. 

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