About Time: a cult classic romantic comedy

What would you do if you had the ability to travel back in time? Tim, a typical “adorkable” Richard Curtis protagonist, decides to use his powers to find his soulmate as a quintessentially British soundtrack plays in the background.  

If you are looking to watch a heartfelt romantic comedy on a cosy holiday afternoon, this movie is your perfect cup of tea! About Time is a rom-com that lets you fall in love with the story of Tim (played by the dashing Weasley brother, Domhnall Gleeson) and Mary (played by the queen-bee of North Shore High School, Rachel McAdams). Director, Richard Curtis, brings a fresh twist to the time-travel trope by blending his usual British upper-middle class charm, particularly in Notting Hill and the Christmas favourite, Love Actually. 

The story begins when the 21 year-old Tim learns from his father that all the men in his family can travel back in time. Instead of killing baby-Hitler, Tim decides to use his powers to find love. Eventually he meets Mary and instantly falls in love. After creating perfect events in their encounters, he finally wins her over, but soon, Tim learns that the struggles of life are immune to magical abilities.  

About Time uses a blend of fantasy and the warmth of a rom-com to create a love story that celebrates the simplicity as you watch rainfall in weddings, Kate Moss exhibitions and literal blind dates; with London and Nick Laird-Clowes providing the backdrop of the film. A cast of fresh faces play extremely lovable side-characters, like Tim’s free-spirited sister, Kitkat who gives the film a homely texture. 

As we follow Tim, we learn about the value of time lost in search for perfection and the significance of spending it with our loved ones. Yet the highlight of the film rests on Tim and Mary, and their seemingly-ordinary romance making you fall in love repeatedly! 

Sayed Hossain Shanto

Sayed Hossain Shanto is a contributor at BRACU Express. He is a Junior majoring in Media and Cultural Studies in the Department of English and Humanities. He is passionate about writing and sports. He wants to combine his two passions and become a sports journalist. Sayed also likes to write poems for himself in both Bangla and English.

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