Moshari: not your typical fright flick

The rising Bangladeshi filmmaker Nuhash Humayun, comes up with another metaphorical short-film Moshari (2022). Like Pett Kata Shaw (2022), this horror short also contains allegorical cues regarding violence against women in society.

Moshari tells the story of two sisters, Ayra and her elder sister, ‘Apu’. Both sisters try to survive against the mythical creatures who haunt the earth after sunset in a post-apocalyptic world. The ‘moshari‘ (mosquito net) is used as a safety barrier, and anyone attempting to cross the moshari will be prey to the monsters. 

Humayun’s brilliance in filmmaking transformed a regular object into a weapon against evil. The feeling of unease remains throughout the movie and leaves an aftertaste even after the end credits start rolling. Undoubtedly, Moshari is a critically acclaimed piece of work, winning awards in places like Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. It is predicted to be nominated for an Oscar in the ‘Best Live Action – Short’ category. For a hauntingly beautiful horror must-watch, Moshari is perfect.

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