Being smart during an accident: The when and how

A few weeks ago, a sudden accident in Brac University’s Building 6 cafeteria roused quite a bit of chaos and anxiety among students. Specifically, the students present during the accident were frantic to witness something like this and were clueless about what to do. Thinking the worst, the students present there rushed out quite haphazardly, which conveyed further risks of being downtrodden.

Accidents like these are expected once in a while on such a large campus with a large student population as BracU. However, even minor accidents can be deadly and hazardous if people do not know some basic safety measures. For example, as university students, everyone should have a basic understanding of fire extinguishers and evacuation procedures during any fire emergency. Aside from that, in high-rise buildings like BracU, every student should be aware of safety precautions in the event of a lift breakdown or a power outage. Moreover, one or two emergency contacts of BracU Security staff should be saved on a student’s phone in case of emergencies like these. 

Last but not least, posters or leaflets regarding basic safety measures should be hung up on the notice boards all around the BracU campus. These necessary steps, which may sound trivial but can nonetheless be significant in emergency situations, should be taught and advertised for the safety and well-being of all students, staff, and faculty at BracU.

Prodipta Hasin

Prodipta Hasin is a journalist at BRACU Express. She is a Sophomore majoring in English Literature at the ENH department in BRAC University. She loves to read voraciously and write wildly. In her free times, she daydreams about being a mythical witch in the woods. Find her at prodipta.hasin@g.bracu.ac.bd

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