Short Residential Semester: a week full of memories

Although the Residential Semester (RS) is an integral part of the life of a Brac University student, the last two years missed this specific charm of RS. To fill the void for those who missed out on an in-person RS, BracU arranged a Short Residential Semester (SRS). It was a quick tour of the residential campus from the 15th to the 21st of May, where the university tried its best to make up for the full 90-day RS experience.
Once the announcement was made, everyone who did not enjoy the RS experience before instantly tried to join in. Even though it was not mandatory and only a week-long, no one wanted to miss the taste of dorm life, getting a taste of independence, and making memories along the way. Tafseer Binte Mannan (Junior, CSE) says, “I feel something is better than nothing. No matter how short the experience was, it taught me many things. Moreover, it is a lovely place. Taking in the fresh air every morning and watching the beautiful campus was worth every penny.”
Unfortunately, not everyone liked the concept of SRS, as it did not include some significant activities that are otherwise a part of the full semester-long experience. Not to mention, the emotions attached to the complete RS experience are entirely different. Waiting for days to meet your parents, craving homemade food, and going on field trips—all entrench one’s connection to the RS experience that was missed. One student (Junior, ESS) notes, “What is the point of SRS when you miss out on almost everything? You cannot fill yourself with the memories of 3 months in one week.”
Good and bad aside, the best part about the SRS was the lack of academic pressure and experiencing it as a recreation. Even though it was short, adjusting to a random roommate, having meals on time and having a fixed routine taught the students many valuable lessons which were absent during learning online. Thus, regardless of how condensed the experience was, it still had the ability to leave its students with small pockets of memories and learning experiences that they would keep in their hearts moving forward.

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