The perpetual tightrope in a student’s life

Completing a thesis almost feels never-ending. Due to continual deadlines, meetings, researching, drafting, and anxiety-filled nights, it is the greatest hurdle to graduating in a student’s life. Some also make a concerted effort to balance their workload by working on both their thesis and career.

A career slowly but surely takes priority over all other aspects of a student’s life. Rezwana Hasan (Senior, ENH) says, “It is always best to keep your work and academic lives separate. For me and the majority of people, it is almost difficult to do both at the same time.” When asked about their struggles of handling academia and career, Shifatul Ahsan Apurba (Senior, CSE) said, “There were days when I only had a cup of tea and spent the whole night working. At times, it was more than what I could take.” Gradually, it becomes difficult for them to spend quality time with their loved ones or themselves. As a result, when students are cocooned in juggling two priorities at the same time, they frequently have to sacrifice something worthwhile, which could become a health risk. 

Lastly, those who were successful in balancing their career and thesis leave a piece of advice for ambitious students: make a schedule to avoid procrastination. According to them, it is important to allocate and manage time for a smooth transition. Lastly, they ask the students to never lose hope. It is always possible to overcome the struggle of syncing time with the people you love with their incessant support.

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