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Conversations with my freshman self

How I made it this far in university, is something I often catch myself pondering. Albeit eerie, it is a thought that teleports me to conversations I would have with my freshman self. “If only I could be the guiding star, I needed all along,” I tell myself, and the exchange plays out something like this: 

“Older me, am I doing the right thing by sticking to computer engineering at Brac University?”

“There will be days when doing CSE will be a blessing, but others when you will be struggling to write a single line of code. You might be signing up for a rocky trail, but with time, engineering will grow on you. ”

“Now that I think about it, I really did come so far. In a journey with its fair share of stumbling blocks, we were not crumbled by fear! We experienced the thrill of world cup matches, chilled in the bustling crowds of Bottola, and gossipped over iced tea. The euphoric experience of getting late for class while enjoying the serenity of the rain is forever embedded into the depths of my memory.”

“Dear younger me, just a little advice, begin pampering mum and dad a little more; as soon you will be going on unpermitted trips and late-night parties so these cuddles will help you then. Moreover, a white lie is not as bad as you think, after all without them you will be stuck in a box and miss out on so many thrills of life. Additionally, please start knowing your directions! Before getting stranded in the middle of nowhere without a single soul around you, well that is a story for another day.”

“University life will test you. On the days when imposter syndrome consumes you entirely, ground yourself and practise gratitude. No matter what – never stop having fun and seeking adventures, after these four years what I came to know about us is that a typical life is not our thing. I can only hope that one day you understand that all of it was worth it, it was worth the most wonderful time of your life, your university life!”

“Older me, you seem different than me and I am excited for the journey that would turn the timid me into the brazen you.”

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