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Finding your voice: the power of effective communication

On March 25, 2024, Brac University Language and communication club (BUCLC) organized aworkshop called “Speak Bold: Unlocking the Power of Effective Communication.” The event was arranged in our magnificent lecture theater room. The range of audiences were diverse andeveryone was interactive throughout the workshop.The guest speaker was Sadman Sadik, who is an author and educator also known for his socialmedia influence, who highlighted the event with his appearance. Sadik inspired the audiencewith a speech on anxiety while public speaking. He gave tips to follow to overcome them. Apart from Sadman Sadik there were other guest speakers present: Deepti Sarkar, SeniorManager of Outreach and Mashfiq Enam Turjo, renowned as Humor Tablet on social media. Deepti Sarker enlightened the peers on critical communication skills, how to engage with thetarget audience and grab their attention. Mashfiq Enam Turjo brought energy to the stage with his expertise in humor and publicspeaking. Turjo’s engaging presentationdemonstrated how humor can alleviate the fear of speaking, resonating with speakers of alllevels.Also our David Dowland Sir, Registrar of Brac University, commenced the event with a blend ofwisdom and humor. His address focused on overcoming common public speaking hesitations, including the fear of losing one’s train of thoughts. Then Tahsina Rahman, Joint Director of the Office of Career Services and AlumniRelations (OCSAR), fostered a warm and interactive atmosphere by engaging attendees in a fun “high-five’’ activity.

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