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Exhibition of Global Wall of GoodWill, the inaugural event of the Brac University’s new campus  

On December 12th, the Social Impact Lab (SiL) organised the “Exhibition of Global Wall of Goodwill”, the inaugural event to be hosted at Brac University’s new permanent campus in Badda, Dhaka.  The exhibition was conducted with participants from Dhaka’s most renowned educational institutes, including St Joseph Higher Secondary School, Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt. Anwar Girls’ College (Shahid Anwar), Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC), Dhaka Navy College, Oxford International School and the Aga Khan Academy. The event aimed to address the concerns of mental health and its awareness among school and college-aged students.  This occasion served as a bridge to connect people within diverse communities facing multiple mental well-being concerns. 

In a world that often seems divided, the Global Wall of Goodwill stands as a vibrant testament to the power of unity, kindness, and shared empathy. This heartwarming initiative, spearheaded by SiL at BracU, transcends borders to create a supportive global community through the simple yet profound act of sharing messages of kindness. This initiative embodies a colossal wall adorned with a kaleidoscope of colourful notes and drawings, each carrying a unique message of support, encouragement, and warmth. This extraordinary project has not only connected people from different corners of the globe but has also taken root in the hearts of five diverse universities – the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), Bard College, the American University of Bulgaria (AUBG), the American University of Beirut (AUB), and Ashesi University – all joining hands with SiL at BracU through the Open Society University Network (OSUN).

This year, the Global Wall of Goodwill embarked on a more impactful mission. In collaboration with the university’s outreach team, SiL extended its efforts to initiate conversations on mental health in high schools and colleges across Bangladesh. Throughout the month of October, this dedicated team visited various high schools, igniting discussions and spreading awareness about the importance of mental well-being. As the Global Wall of Goodwill Exhibition unfolded, a significant milestone was achieved in this endeavour of creating a space where collaborative approaches to mental health awareness were explored – from individual actions to societal impact.

Upholding the festive ambience of the workshop, BracU extended accolades to the guest faculties and students through discussions expounding the collaborative practices held by guest speaker Adnan Hossain, Alumnus and Founder of It’s Humanity Foundation (IHF);  Hura Jannat Shikha, Assistant Professor of Psychology and student counsellor at Dhaka Navy College; and Anne Anthonia Baroi, counsellor and lecturer at BracU.  The event was further graced with the presence of Lady Syeda Sarwar Abed, founder and director of the BRAC Institute of Languages (BiL), and Dr David Dowland, the esteemed registrar of BracU. 

The discussion panel opened with Dr. Sebastian Groh, SiL’s Advisor and Associate Professor and Director of Marketing and Entrepreneurship of BRAC Business School (BSS), discussing the importance and interdependency of the human brain on sustainability. The Active Listening Workshop led by SiL’s founder and coordinator, Srijan Banik (2022, CSE), was conducted with the participating students. Simultaneously, the teachers of the esteemed institutions went for a tour around the new campus. They engaged in exploring the new library, where the library chief showcased the potential services of the new library, including the availability of IP-based services, research workshops, and utilisation of the modern open-source software that The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University are known for using. Further revealed were the upcoming events such as the inauguration of the OpenAthens, the institutional depository system in the library, and the synchronisation of research papers with Google were also put forth to the guests.  

Subsequently,  BiL arranged a panel discussion with the invited teachers, where Lady Abed contributed to a discussion of the facilitation of the Residential Semester (TARC) at BracU, followed by a heartfelt confession note by alumnus Adnan Hossain reminiscing how the university’s environment encouraged him to be a leader and help the children of marginalised communities. Dr Dowland also addressed a few key aspects of the university’s current state of affairs in Bangladesh and the global landscape. This meeting has allocated resources for BracU’s current and future development programs to the visitors. 

Meanwhile, the students were taken to the Wall Magazine display section, showcasing their talents and concerns about mental well-being, actively contributing to its addressal and spreading awareness. In this interaction, one of the students from Shahid Anwar added, “ I liked the event because it made me more aware of my consciousness. As of now, I will consult my teachers concerning any social or personal problems that demotivate me in my life because they can better help me guide myself through them.” Another student from DRMC added, “Self-appreciation can help greatly in leaving a positive impact on the way we take care of our mental health because we need to  prioritise ourselves sometimes; self-appreciation, even for a small thing, would fill the deficit.”

After a short break, the students attended a special workshop by the counselling unit of BracU conducted by counsellors Anne Anthonia Baroi and Safina Binte Enayet. In this regard, they discussed the psychological changes of the student and the practical methods to combat the changes over time. One of the core values they added is that “The suicidal intention of a student drives from two things: stress & hopelessness. It is also the reason for self-harming by abusing their time.” Furthermore, another panel discussion titled “From Schools to Societies; Building Bridges for Mental Health” was administered by guest speakers Adnan Hossain, Hura Jannat Shikha, Anne Anthonia Baroi, and Ms. Zohra. The event host, Mahadi Hassan (Senior, EEE), asked the guest speakers how the correlation between digitalisation as an advancement of society and the downfall of the student’s mental health plays a significant role. All the panel speakers exchanged their bits of wisdom and perceptions regarding this matter in the discussion.

Upon reaching the concluding segment of the event, The university’s Registrar, Dr Dowland, added his remarks on the issues regarding mental health and participated in a practical session of aura cleansing exercises with the cohorts.  In the evening, the event closed with the enjoyment of an entertainment session where various performances were performed by the current students of BracU.

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