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Igniting Possibilities: Marico Bangladesh inspires BracU Students

Marico Bangladesh recently ignited a spark of inspiration among students with their remarkable event, “Over the Wall’ . Brac University Business Club (BizBee) organised the second season of the event at the BBS Seminar Room on 17th August with passion and enthusiasm. It provided a platform for attendees to explore the world of Marico and discover the boundless opportunities that lie within. With a dynamic roadshow and an engaging competition, the event left students energized and ready to take on the challenges of the corporate world.

Bizbee hosts the roadshow “Over the Wall”

The “Over the Wall” event commenced with an eye-opening roadshow that unveiled Marico’s diverse portfolio. From its origins in hair care to becoming a powerhouse in personal care, food, and hygiene, Marico’s journey fascinated more than 90 students who attended the event. The event emphasised the company’s global reach, spanning 25 countries and exemplifying a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Guiding Insights from Esteemed Guests

Distinguished speakers took the stage, sharing insights and experiences that resonated deeply with the audience. A notable highlight was the speech by Mamnun Ahmed, region head at Marico Bangladesh, who took the attendees through his journey from graduation to becoming a key figure in the company. The emphasis on agility, speed, and fostering creativity left a lasting impact. Marico’s culture of embracing change and learning became vividly clear, leaving participants motivated to take bold steps.

Bizbee hosts the roadshow “Over the Wall”

The event’s interactive competition set the stage for participants to immerse themselves in Marico’s entrepreneurial spirit. It encouraged teamwork and critical thinking, pushing students to strategize and innovate new products. This experience not only honed their problem-solving skills but also underlined the importance of collaboration in achieving success.

Opportunities Await: A Path to Growth

Bizbee hosts the roadshow “Over the Wall”

“Over the Wall” opened the doorway to exciting opportunities as attendees discovered avenues through which they could become integral parts of Marico’s thriving community. The “Campus Ambassadorship Program” emerged as a standout opportunity, enabling university students to bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world.

Empowering the Future: Shaping Leaders

Marico’s dedication to nurturing innovation and cultivating future leaders resonated throughout the event. The focus on agility, speed, and continuous learning echoed through every speaker’s words. As Khondokar Mamnun Ahmed said, “Engaging in entrepreneurial activities exposes students to dynamic situations that require adaptability and creativity. These experiences are invaluable in personal and professional growth, equipping them for a rapidly changing world.” 

Bizbee hosts the roadshow “Over the Wall”

Participants left the event not only with valuable insights into Marico’s growth but also with a newfound determination to embrace change and chart their own paths to success. In a world filled with endless possibilities, “Over the Wall” event served as a guiding light for students, showcasing that barriers can be overcome and dreams can be realised. With a plethora of opportunities and a culture that thrives on creativity and innovation, Marico is equipping the next generation of leaders to rise above expectations and make a meaningful impact.

Bizbee hosts the roadshow “Over the Wall”

This event was a catalyst for change, propelling attendees toward a brighter and more empowered future for BracU students.

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