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‘How to Prepare Yourself Before an Internship’ Seminar by Nagad and BRACU Business Club

Getting the dream internship is far more achievable with proper guidance. Hence, BRAC University Business Club (BIZZ BEE) and Office of Centre Service and Alumni Relations (OCSAR) organised an instructive programme presented by Nagad, one of the biggest fintech companies in Bangladesh, on May 28th. Over 100 students actively participated in the interactive session titled “How to Prepare Yourself Before Starting an Internship.” The prominent guest speakers from the Nagad team, Ahsan Habib Anoy, the deputy manager of communication, and Smita Aparna, manager of culture and employer branding, led the session intending to guide final-year students.

Get Papers Ready

The session kicked off with Ahsan Habib Anoy addressing the necessity of having a precise and informative CV for the students. He said, “Having a good CGPA can be a plus, but having a properly updated CV makes a world of difference.” Being an alumnus of Brac University, Annoy described the importance of learning to make a CV that can make or break the first impression.

Know the Common Interview Questions

Ahsan Habib Anoy further shared his experience of getting a permanent job before graduating. However, this is not always the case for everyone. In this fast-paced generation of AI, many students struggle to introduce themselves properly in the interview, let alone explain other questions. That eventually results in them losing the internship right away. Hence, the students should know the general interview questions and prepare themselves.

Be a Problem-Solver, not a Problem Yourself

“Since the office culture is quite competitive, people will try to bring you down for opportunities. But there will also be people who will help you grow,” said Ahsan Habib Anoy. He urged students to process agility, the ability to mix with cultures, solve any problems, and build a friendly bond with everyone at the workplace. Stressing on the main topic, Anoy said, “Be friendly, but don’t be everyone’s friend”. 

Love What You Do, Or Do What You Love 

Ahsan Habib Anoy also emphasised the importance of loving the profession while sharing his personal story of choosing the job of making advertisements, which significantly related to his childhood interest in storytelling. However, he suggested to the students that if they do not get their dream job, they should just learn to love the job they have. 

Never Stop Learning 

The Deputy Manager of Communication Annoy further suggested the students look for “new ships, search for new opportunities”. There is no end to learning, regardless of age or expertise. The only need is to try new things, look for opportunities, and seize them as soon as they see them.

Travel as a Means of Blending with People

As Smita Aparna took the stage, she unveiled the importance of travelling and getting along with people of various cultures, religions, states and beliefs while working in human-centric professions like marketing and HR. Having said that, she encouraged students to travel, not only to explore new things but also to comprehend others’ perspectives.

Always Start with WHY

“Why did you apply?”, “Why do you think you are the best fit for the company?”, “Why do you think this company is suitable for you?” Every student should know the answers to these questions before applying for the internship. Smita Aparna advised students to know their values and purpose in life. She said, “It is important to evaluate whether their values align with the company, and only then should they go for the internship.”

Be Unique 

Smita Aparna also commented on how tough it is to choose perfectly eligible candidates for internships and jobs, adding that only those who leave a lasting impression on the interviewer’s mind are chosen. If a candidate can exhibit a unique trait, it allows the interviewer to think twice before rejecting him. Examples include having a correct professional cover letter and CV or expressing gratitude for the opportunity to sit for the interview.

Keep Networking 

Although networking can seem intimidating, it is the most crucial step in finding an internship. Hence, the candidate should be professional even if they cannot secure the job, which may impress the interviewer and help them get a job in the future, Smita Aparna concluded.

At the end of the event, the speakers shared their thoughts with the on-campus media partner of the programme, BRACU Express. They also praised the students’ active participation in the session and genuine interest. “I did not expect students to listen to us for this long with this much concentration and dedication. I am truly thrilled,” Smita Aparna said.

Ahsan Habib Anoy said that the student’s knowledge and zeal improved significantly since five years ago. “Because during my time, learning to type in MS Word was considered a big achievement. Now, this has become a must for everyone,” he added.

The governing body of BIZZ BEE was spellbound by the overwhelming response from the audience, adding, “We initiated this programme to ensure that students got the proper guidelines before getting into the job market.”

Overall, the event offered an excellent opportunity for Brac University students to learn from the best and prepare themselves for an internship.

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