Korean Drama (Part 1)

  1. Kingdom

Based on the original webtoon by Kim Eun-hee and Yang Kyung-il, Kingdom follows an exiled prince struggling to save his people from an unstoppable ‘plague’ while simultaneously fleeing from palace intrigue orchestrated by the corrupt and greedy noble class. With a completely unpredictable plot line, this drama comes with an action-packed, adrenaline-ridden journey through seemingly apocalyptic scenarios throughout medieval Korea that will have you teetering on the edge of your seat.

  1. Crash Landing on You

When a rich South Korean heiress goes paragliding to test her company’s latest product, a sudden tornado accidentally lands her across the border into North Korea, where an army officer hides and protects her. With breathtaking cinematography and an even greater soundtrack, what ensues is a heart wrenching tale of star-crossed lovers that will surely make you reach for that box of tissues.

  1. Itaewon Class

A Netflix adaptation of the webtoon by Jo Gwang Jin, Itaewon Class tackles various social issues such as discrimination against LGBTQ communities, racism against foreigners, and social iniquity. After suffering a grave injustice at the hands of a corrupt business tycoon, Park Sae-Ro-Yi seeks revenge by opening a restaurant along with his friends in hopes to rival the food company of his enemy. Steeped in realism, and rich, layered characters, Itaewon Class is a must watch in your bucket list.

  1. Goblin

In ancient times, a successful general is murdered on the orders of a jealous king. After dying, the general becomes cursed with immortality, becoming a ‘goblin’. Hundreds of years later, he meets his predestined goblin bride, who is the only one who can release him from his curse. With breathtaking visuals, magnificent acting and a soundtrack that will never leave you, Goblin is a masterpiece in its own right.

  1. Descendants of the Sun

A military officer and a surgeon meet at a hospital. Despite their palpable attraction and chemistry, they decide their philosophies are too different for them to be compatible. Fast forward a few months, fate brings them both together.

Written by
Khwaja Zohura Zanzabil

Anindita Rhine

Anindita Rhine is a senior majoring in English Literature at BRAC University. She spends most of her time looking at puppers and wishing to be the Mother-of-All-Doggos on Earth. Reach her at anindita.hossain.rhine@g.bracu.ac.bd

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