OSUN courses: endless possibilities for students to discover

The Open Society University Network (OSUN) is a global network that connects institutions worldwide, and Brac University is this network’s first member. Its idea of establishing global academic connections meets Brac University’s vision of being Bangladesh’s premier internationally-ranked university. The OSUN courses offer students several possibilities to learn about the global standards of education and establish international partnerships in order to make significant contributions to their society. 

BracU has been offering OSUN courses since 2020 to students to reach international academic standards and develop new perspectives. As Halima Hasin (Alumnus, ENH) says, “the classes were very interactive, and the content was approached from multidimensional perspectives.” Indeed, with this mode of learning, many students could widen their horizons by communicating with people from around the world and understanding various perspectives. 

Furthermore, the OSUN courses provided a new form of evaluation that was different from the traditional method of assessment. Sadman Saber (Senior, BBS) admitted that he prefers “alternative forms of assessment” to conventional exams and quizzes, and the modes of assessment in OSUN courses allow students to be more creative and innovative. 

While OSUN courses might feel a bit too overwhelming for some students with their novel assessment system and highly interactive classes, most seem to enjoy them and have responded favourably to the courses. Hence, these OSUN courses can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students who wish to explore the global standards of education.

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