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Unlocking Brand Secrets with Marico’s Marketing Maestro

How many of you have Parachute Coconut Oil tucked at the corner of your bathroom? Even if you do not


Is Artificial Intelligence a threat or a potential amigo of Architects?

The onset of AI is suspected to be the biggest harbinger of creating a brand-new reality. This changeignites the slippery

Finding your voice: the power of effective communication

On March 25, 2024, Brac University Language and communication club (BUCLC) organized aworkshop called “Speak Bold: Unlocking the Power of

BRAC University Celebrates with Vibrant Noboborsho and Eid Festivities

On the 28th and 29th of April, the BRAC University Cultural Club (BUCuC) organised a two-day program, Bangla Noboborsho and

ENH-UNHCR collaboration unveils insights on refugee empowerment

ENH-UNHCR collaboration unveils insights on refugee empowerment

On April 1st 2024, the second brainstorming session of the collaboration between the Department of English and Humanities (ENH) and

22 years of celebrating Architectural ingenuity

Opening and Exhibition The 5th of March bore witness to the School of Architecture and Design (SoAD) of BRAC University 

PCBU hosts Mental Health Resilience Building Program

From February 17th to February 19th, 2024, Peace Café Brac University (PCBU) in collaboration with Moner Bondhu, hosted a three-day

Photo Credit: Fatima Sajid Kamal

A Kaleidoscope of Culture and Colors

Draped in colors and bonded by culture – the ending of Magh and the beginning of Falgun were different this