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Unlocking Brand Secrets with Marico’s Marketing Maestro

How many of you have Parachute Coconut Oil tucked at the corner of your bathroom? Even if you do not know, this seminar, held on 6th June and conducted by Brac University Business Club (BIZ BEE), can leave you reminded of that small blue bottle that we have all come to know and love. Marico, the company that created Parachute and many other skin and hair care products, graced us with the marketing director, Allen Ebenezer Eric for a seminar about brand management. 

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Sir Allen was not able to attend the seminar in person. Still, despite that, he was able to share his valuable insights about brand management through an online platform. Students gained knowledge of the role of marketing in business, sailing through Marico’s way of developing brands in Bangladesh and interesting case studies on Brand Development. Besides, they also gained the tactics they needed to excel in Marico’s internships.

BracU BBS alumni who are working under Marico now were also present at the seminar including, Shadman Sakib, Sadmeena Promi and Nanjiba Arifin Zahwa. Sakib’s exciting introduction to the seminar and his story as the Corporate HRBP and Campus Lead, Promi’s heartfelt speech on her passion for marketing and the joy of working as a brand manager and everyone else’s story left us in awe of their courage and grit.  

As the seminar came to a close, Allen and the alumnus held a question and answer session, prompting students from various disciplines to ask their burning questions. When asked about his secret to success in sales and marketing, Allen emphasized understanding customers, data analysis, leadership, and enthusiasm in business.

He highlighted Marico’s marketing approach: staying close to the customer and delivering a unique value proposition tailored to their needs. In the end, Students left the seminar with newfound knowledge of brand management to use in the future.

Fariba Mir

Fariba Mir is a contributor in the writing and admin unit at BRACU Express. She is a Sophmore majoring in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at BRAC University. She enjoys reading books and mangas then ponder about them for weeks, watch animes and movies that engulfs her imagination, and draws whenever her inspiration strikes. She can stare at the wall like a champ. Reach her at

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