The renewal of clubs and extracurriculars

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing everyone to temporarily halt club activities and extracurriculars of the university physically, they turned into online events altogether for a duration longer than predicted. Now, after patiently longing and waiting for two years, clubs are finally conducting their business as usual, generating and welcoming a lot of excitement from the participants.
“After so many months of working together over voice channels, it was nice to finally put some faces to these names,” said Rusafa Hussain (Alumnus, ENH) on attending regular extracurricular meetings. Indeed, many students had joined their respective clubs online and could not officially meet each other or even the older members for the entire extent of these two years.
That said, club activities resuming their original ways have created an extraordinarily wholesome and thrilling happening. These little rooms of extracurricular events serve as nice pockets of breaks to shuffle up the pace of maintaining busy schedules. Such activities are essential to having a balanced university life and are recommended to all.
They are also crucial for building a good connection between students from various departments. According to Marzan Chowdhury Oyshi (Senior, ARC), “The Adventure club’s trip to Boga Lake, Keokradong, was quite a refreshing break from the mundane life and also served as a great bonding agent. These trips ensure introductions to new faces while strengthening connections with the old.” Club activities create a unique connection over shared interests and pave the way for staying in touch with people outside and within your ordinary bubble. It also leads to the birth of many new friendships as well.
Not to mention, the sense of community blossoms, while a sense of personal satisfaction is developed via any productive work together. Thus, the rejuvenation of presuming club activities and extracurriculars erupted a feeling of comfort to many people waiting for the world to return to its norms while others finally tasted the true essence and spirit of what it means to be a part of BracU’s student-run organisations.

Raima Rahman

Raima Rahman is the Head of Creative at BRACU Express. She is a 4th year student majoring in Architecture at BRAC University. She is detail oriented, naturally inquisitive and has big dreams of designing structures, spaces and forms applying functionality, aesthetics to draw the world closer to environment friendly Architecture. Reach her at raima.rahman@g.bracu.ac.bd

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