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22 years of celebrating Architectural ingenuity

Opening and Exhibition

The 5th of March bore witness to the School of Architecture and Design (SoAD) of BRAC University  commemorating 22 years of excellent structural engineering and innovative design. A glimpse of such excellence was exhibited in the Muzharul Islam Gallery, wherein students from every year presented to the world; the payoff of hours of blood, sweat and a lot of tears.

One of the first replicas that would catch the eye of the tiger was a down-scaled version of the Badda area around BRACU. The meticulously handcrafted design had captured the essence of the surrounding that the students have come oh so familiar with in their daily ordeals.

Photo Credit: Shah Rasul Khan
Photo Credit: Shah Rasul Khan

Lined adjacent to the Badda miniature was a group of interior models. The theme of the interior design as informed by Marufa Khan Mushfira– a scholar of the Architecture department, was of personal space. Limitations had been imposed such as the inclusion of a partition and confined to a 7m x 7m space. The application of ergonomics had been efficiently illustrated by Marufa’s model as she had managed to create an appealing model that would not look out of place in New York. 

Of course, not everything innovative had to be a new building or a new design. Sometimes, simplicity is all one would need. Showcased primarily by Shobrita, she had made plans to connect BRACU to surrounding areas by removing unnecessary pathways and routes in order to make travel for students more efficient. Flanked by her friend Nafisa, they had explained as to why this would be an excellent addition to the overall Badda area and BRACU.

All in all, the architecture department had shown merely a glimpse of its massive potential in this excellent exhibition. 

Muzharul Islam Gallery
Muzharul Islam Gallery

Awards giving and Cultural ceremony

Afterwards, there was an awards giving segment in Multipurpose Hall wich recognise the exceptional talents of the department through the Excellence in Design Award. Raima Rahman and Raisa Rahman were honored for their outstanding contributions to their respective design studios, showcasing creativity and ingenuity in their work. Additionally, Mahmudul Hasan received the prestigious Shikriti Award for his exceptional prowess in graphics and design, further highlighting the department’s commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation. In addition to the aforementioned awards, numerous other winners were recognized across various sectors for their outstanding achievements, further enriching the fabric of the celebration.

Following the award ceremony, attendees were treated to a captivating cultural program that showcased the diverse talents of the faculty and students. From soulful musical performances to mesmerizing dance, the evening was a vibrant display of creativity and passion.

The cultural evening schedule featured a lineup of both faculty and student performances, each contributing to the festive atmosphere of the event. Among the highlights were performances such as Fule Fule and Fagun Haway by the faculty, and student performances including Shornali Sondhay by Nisho and Dipannita, and Kobitar Gaan by Megha.

The event also provided a platform for alumni to reconnect and showcase their talents, with an alumni performance adding to the sense of community and celebration.

Overall, the 22nd-anniversary celebration of BRAC University’s Architecture Department was a resounding success, bringing together students, faculty, alumni, and guests to celebrate two decades of creativity, innovation, and excellence in design. As the department looks towards the future, it remains committed to fostering talent and pushing the boundaries of design and innovation.

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