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Preserving Love in Bloom: The Story of Mystical Charms by Tnova

In a world where memories are fleeting, Tasnova Hossain (Senior, BBS)  found a way to capture love’s essence in her unique business. She crafts accessories from dried flowers, inspired by her desire to keep love alive in people’s hearts. From her experiences participating in exhibitions at Shilpokola, Tasnova realized the potential of her creative prowess beyond traditional mediums like painting. With unwavering support from her family and friends, she transformed her vision into reality. 

In an interview with Tasnova, she told that the process of crafting these exquisite accessories is both an art and a science for her. It takes her about an hour to make one locket, but sometimes it takes longer depending on the flowers to dry. She employs a delicate balance of two types of chemicals to create the molds, ensuring the preservation of the flowers’ natural beauty. 

Each accessory Tasnova creates is specially crafted according to the demands of her customers. Whether it’s a personalized flower locket or a bespoke keychain adorned with dried blooms, she ensures that every piece reflects the unique essence of its owner. One of her upcoming innovations is integrating Spotify playlist links into her keychains, adding an extra dimension of personalization and sentimental value to her creations. 

With a keen eye for creativity and a heart brimming with passion, Tasnova embarked on her journey, seamlessly blending her studies with her burgeoning business. Her ultimate goal is to keep her venture fueled by passion even after graduation, making it a lifelong pursuit of creative expression. As Tasnova continues to weave her magic with dried flowers, she epitomizes the beauty of preserving love in bloom, one accessory at a time.

To follow Tasnova’s enchanting journey and explore her exquisite creations you can find her on :

 Instagram : mysticalcharms_tnova26
Facebook: Mystical Charms by Tnova  and discover the timeless beauty of preserving love with her unique accessories, crafted with passion and creativity.

Jabonnahar Jaba

Jabonnahar Jaba is a writer at Bracu Express. She joined bracu in fall 21 and majoring in BSC in biotechnology, under math and natural science department at brac university. Reach her at jabonnahar.jaba@g.bracu.ac.bd

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