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Team Bertho: a member of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Network

Team Bertho, a youth-led platform, is now making waves on a national and international scale with its enthusiasm to disseminate wisdom and teach life lessons. They want to create a community of compassionate people who will live, learn, and share to make significant psychological and emotional contributions to themselves and society. Three ninth-graders started this initiative back in 2016 to provide a forum where people from all walks of life may learn from each other’s stories and experiences. This group currently includes 14 members and innumerable volunteers who share a common goal: to shift the course of education to a more life-oriented approach. They chose narratives that embodied the social concerns of people’s daily lives and expressed them in a new manner to gain the necessary attention and generate awareness.

The founder and director of Team Bertho, Murshidul Alam Bhuiyan (Freshman, BBA), has been selected for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust Network. The network, consisting of a global family of 54 countries, aims to provide Commonwealth leaders and their organisations with adequate funding and support – helping them transform their communities for the better. When asked about how it feels to see Team Bertho’s effort receiving such acclaim and recognition, Murshidul says, “It is an inexpressible feeling that in no way could be put into words.”

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