A Journey into the Self: Sociolinguistic Incompetence

Muhaiminul Islam (ENH, Alumni) recently published his debut novel titled “Sociolinguistic Incompetence” on August 6 2023. In an interview with BRACU Express, Islam discussed his journey into book publishing and the role of an emerging author. He is currently a lecturer in English at Northern University Bangladesh.

‘Sociolinguistic Incompetence’ revolves around the events in the life of Iman, an English department student who studies at a private university in Bangladesh. The book is an inner monologue of Iman and the struggles he goes through in everyday life. Muhaiminul Islam develops Iman’s character arc through a number of restraints that he has set up within himself. For instance, he often limits himself in classes as he doesn’t want to be termed the teacher’s pet. Throughout the book, Iman transforms from being a socially awkward introvert to someone who knows how to acclimate to different scenarios. The book is for everyone who wants to understand the world better and the impact their actions have on their surroundings.

Muhaiminul Islam knew that he wanted to write ever since third grade. He believes it was his English teacher who sparked his interest in the English language. When asked about one of his fears regarding his writing, Muhaiminul Islam was afraid that he might not have read as many books as his classmates. He felt like maybe reading Charles Dickens or Stephen King wasn’t enough. However, this was merely an apprehension, as his pen did not stop at all while writing his book. It was almost as if the book had been on his mind all this time and was just waiting to be penned. Islam, therefore, advises his students to just go for it and write whatever goes on in their minds. His YouTube channel, Impromptu English with Neon, focuses on teaching learners everything that they need to know to master the English language.

The author of Sociolinguistic Incompetence did not have a smooth publication journey. He had to overcome multiple obstacles until he could finally publish his book under Worthy Publications. The waiting was excruciating, but Islam did not accept defeat. This is the lesson that he wants future authors to remember. Through his book, his goal was precisely that. Like Iman, who learns to swim and survive in the sea of life, he wants his readers to never accept defeat. 

Click here to order Muhaiminul Islam’s book, ‘Sociolinguistic Incompetence’.

Shararah Kibria

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