Exploring the timeless beauty of handwritten letters: Lettre app

Modern communication has changed significantly as a result of technological developments. Over time, the essence of handwritten letters is long forgotten. The warmth and effort that came along with handwritten letters died amidst the hollow of the digital era. 

Atik Hossain (BBS, Alumni) co-founded the ‘Lettre app’ a digital communication medium where you can hand-write letters using iPads. Hossain expresses his undying love for video games and computers, stating that his passion began when he was eight years old while playing games on his father’s computer. “Pixels moving on the screen fascinated me,’’ said Atik Hossain when asked how his interest climbed towards computers. 

Atik Hossain completed his undergraduate in Bachelor in Business, majoring in Accounting and Marketing. Preceding his undergraduate studies, he studied Computer Science. While explaining his initial fascination for his degree, he states that he had a great passion for computers. “Software engineering is the closest thing to magic,’’ said Atik, “The ideas that come out of it are limitless.” Although it was a degree that caused immense stress, he believes it was worth the shot as he had a vision to fulfill. 

Hossain said, ‘’The Lettre app has a purpose of fill. It should fill the void of loneliness that we ignore due to the availability of effortless communication.” He realised that we do not carry the need to write a heartfelt message to our loved ones whether for a birthday or as a congratulatory text. We simply type something and go about our lives. 

According to Hossain, handwritten letters carry a weight of affection and humans feel more emotionally connected when reading them. Every word is deliberately penned and enduring. Humans feel more emotionally bonded when reading letters. Therefore, the inspiration for this app stems from an emotional part of the founders’ lives. Hossain’s co-founder, Mashfique, has a  father suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Due to the illness, he could not write anything with his hands and eventually found comfort in the domain of Apple pencils on his iPad. From that, an idea was born: to make a digital communication consulate for him and many others. 

Developing the app was a challenge, from reaching the right people to managing the budget in product development and marketing. Despite all, Hossain gives credit to the partnership with his co-founder for it helped him in building better relationships and social skills, alongside the ability to effectively resolve conflicts. Lastly, Hossain showed his gratitude towards his family members and his wife for supporting him through all the rocky terrains of an app-based business

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