Bamboo Buildings: a step towards the future

The Department of Architecture, Brac University, in addition to Heritage Foundation, Pakistan, and the University of Glasgow, UK took the initiative to work on a project based on zero-carbon bamboo buildings under a grant by the British Council, UK. The event aims to encourage women to work with prefabricated buildings to be used as houses or rehabilitation centres. 

The three-day event is to take place on International Women’s Day in March 2022 – where 25 schools from Bangladesh and various other countries are expected to participate. The core team of BracU comprising two female students or alumni led by Professor Zainab Faruqui Ali, Department of Architecture, will be going to the United Kingdom to participate. The volunteers are trained through workshops and meetings with artisans and architects who are experienced in constructions with bamboo.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, bamboo is environmentally sustainable and durable – making it an ideal construction material for use in current times.

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