Beautiful World, Where Are You: the beauty of connection

Following the critical acclaim of Normal People, Sally Rooney’s novel Beautiful World, Where Are You attempts to remind readers about the value of genuine human interactions in an increasingly isolating world. The novel follows best friends Alice and Eileen on the verge of turning 30, exchanging incredibly detailed emails discussing the trials and tribulations of religion, class, gender, and power. 

Rooney has mastery over language, creating impeccably realistic characters which help forge an immersive experience from the very beginning. The novel details all too familiar conversations one may find themselves having on a regular basis. Be it Alice, the novelist running from newfound success, Eileen a literary editor reeling from a breakup, Felix a warehouse worker with deep regrets or Simon a political advisor and devout Catholic; there is a variety of relatable characters whom readers can find themselves in. Rooney adds organicness to each page by leaving no detail unturned, down to the glitches on ageing cell phones. 

Dabbling in debates of failing civilisations and climate change, Alice and Eileen continually turn to each other trying to make sense of what it means to truly live in a world that seems to be constantly giving up on everyone.

Amarraah Ahmad

Amarraah is the News Editor & Director of Creative at BRACU Express. She is a senior majoring in Anthropology at the Department of Economics and Social Sciences at BRAC University. Incredibly detail-oriented and critical, Amarraah maintains highly curated Spotify playlists for every situation under the sun. With a keen eye for anything creative, you'll find Amarraah either picking away at her sketchbook or behind a camera taking photos of anything that catches her eye. Reach her at amarraah.ahmad@g.bracu.ac.bd.

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