BRAC University Triumphs: Sweeping Wins at OSUN Film Fest

BRACU at OSUN Film Festival

Brac University students won a handful of honorable awards under Open Society University Network (OSUN) Film Festival. The event took place online featuring 25 videos made by students who participated, which were the final projects for the Fall 2023 semester’s “Visual Storytelling for Student Engagement” course. The OSUN film festival took place on December 12, 2023. Out of 25 videos, 11 received honors across eight categories, demonstrating their exceptional skills in documentary film theory and practice. 

Amongst the universities that took part, BRAC University won the most prizes. The trio of honoree videos are:

– “Road Safety Movement 2018: Are We Safe Yet?” by Prodipta Hasin, Anindita Hossain Rhine, Imranul Ahsan Moonim, and Imtiaz Sarker Shihab, recognized for its outstanding script.

– “Food Waste in Bangladesh” by Sakib Sadi, Saklain Nizam Thakur, Muhtasim Billah Nahin, and Tanzila Parveen, celebrated for their exceptional environmental stewardship.

– “Fading Tides, Rising Hope: The Fight to Save Dhaka’s Dying Water Bodies” by Tahjid Ahsan, Nazmul Hasan, Fatin Nur Ishraq, and Omar Ibtesam Nibir honored for their remarkable contributions to civic engagement.

More than a hundred people attended, including academic members from the collaborating educational institutions, OSUN Director of Communications Bonnie Goad, BRAC University School of General Education Dean Dr Samia Huq, and gifted student filmmakers themselves. 

A couple of members from the winning teams shared their sentiments. Anindita Rhine (Senior, ENH) said ‘’Indeed it was a stressful experience. My teammate Prodipta Hasin and I spent countless sleepless nights working on the project. There were trial and errors since it was our first time working on a documentary. We did not expect to win but this stands as a testimony that hard work always pays off”.  Tahjid Ahsan (Senior, CSE) shared “ This project was accomplished thanks to everyone’s dedication and hard work. One person who was instrumental in our success is Dina Hossain, our humble and helpful instructor. Dina ma’am helped us shape the content and bring the true documentary film style to life. But the most thrilling part was editing, where we started with many lengthy videos and made one fine documentary film which we submitted at the very last moment of the deadline. Another thrilling part was working with cartoonist Morshed Mishu.”

Alamgir Hasan Tanzid

Alamgir Hasan Tanzid is journalist at BRACU Express. He is a 3rd semester student, majoring in CSE at BRACU University. "I'm an alchemist, On a voyage of curiosity, Let the magical waves and light of my heart, Take me where I meant to be.” Reach him at

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