Datathon 2.0: addressing contemporary issues utilising data

Students from Brac University’s team Viking Raiders placed second in the Datathon 2.0 competition, which was hosted by Robi Axiata Ltd. and powered by Amazon web services (AWS). Around 400 teams, over 2800 members, and 70 multinational universities from 11 distinct nations participated in the competition. The participants’ major objective was to provide data-driven insights and analytics that would create a significant positive influence on viable solutions.

Datathon 2.0 gave competitors the opportunity to demonstrate their data analytics skills and innovative business ideas. Participants engaged in a variety of activities throughout a course of four months, which culminated in the gala event and announcement of the winners. The victors were eventually announced after a demanding two-day hackathon in the final round. Yeaminur Rahman (Alumni, CSE), Prasenjit Das (Alumni, CSE), Rezwana Mahfuza Rimi (Almuni, CSE), Mourita Das Sporsho (Junior, MNS), and Debashis Kar (Alumni, CSE) from team Viking Raiders came second. Additionally, Yeaminur Rahman received the “Top Data Engineer” award. 

Robi launched Datathon 2.0 with the expectation of bringing Bangladeshi data enthusiasts under one roof. It eventually developed into one of the largest platforms for data scientists and data engineers to demonstrate their skills.

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