Marketiniac 2.0: Brac University team emerges as champions

On 25th June, Brac University students took part in the reputed event called Marketiniac 2.0,

organised by the Business and Leadership Club (BLC) of the Army Institute of Business

Administration (IBA). The team from BracU, El Pensadors, included Mohaimenul

Solaiman Nicholas (Junior, ESS), Syed Sabiq Ashraf (Junior, ESS), and Sajid Sakib (Junior,

MNS). El Pensadors seized victory in the competition, with Garrison, a team from IBA, and Team Warm, a team from the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) – the first and second runners-up, respectively. The winning team, El Pensadors from BracU was awarded a grand prize of 60,000 Tk.

The final was held on 20th August; BracU was one of the five teams selected for the

Grand Finale of Marketiniac 2.0. The event consisted of 3 rounds and aimed to provide

a marketing experience to enable students from Bangladesh to deal with 360-degree marketing

problems both online and offline. Aiming to reach audiences from all universities in the country, Army IBA BLC has partnered with more than 60 clubs this year.

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