Md. Abdul Kuddus

“We don’t get to have any semester breaks. I go to work every day, even on Fridays. Come to think of it, I only get a couple of days off every month. I start my shift at 7.30 am, Which means I need to be present at the campus even earlier. Classes can stretch as long as 9.30 pm and I leave the campus at around 10. At times I stay back even longer for any program or event, because only I know where the essential materials are kept. From multimedia help to the plates for serving food, I handle it all on my own”.

Talking to Md. Abdul Kuddus from BRAC Business School (BBS) was a delight for us.

He is a man of gentle attitude and utter simplicity. He spent his childhood and completed his SSC in Khulna. There, he has a loving family of 5 – his parents, an elder brother and two nephews. He married and settled down in Dhaka and has 2 children – his daughter is a seventh grader and his son was born about 2 months ago.

“My son waits for me to get home so that we can have some playtime. I get 5 to 6 hours of sleep after I return home. The rest of my leisure I spend with my family. This is the least I could afford for them.”

In 2011, he began working as an office assistant at the Korean Language Department of BRAC Institute of Languages (BIL) in Niketon. In the following year, he shifted to the university campus in Mohakhali and joined BBS in 2013. He has been handling all student and faculty affairs ever since. We asked him what makes him so popular among the students. He says that he tries his best to serve the students and make everything easier for them. When students get tired of running from one building to another, he makes the difference by offering his help.

He is very optimistic for the students of Brac University. Recently, the BBS department organized a few international segments which encouraged students to compete in global business platform. According to him, this will help the students to showcase their potential and skills.

It brings joy to his heart to know that the students are being offered opportunities that never existed for him. Thus, he tries his level best to help them. And in return, the acknowledgement of his contribution and appreciation keeps him motivated at work.

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