Mustari Begum

“I was born and brought up in Faridpur. I am the eldest daughter of my parents. At a very early age, just after I completed my SSC, I got married. I took admission in a college but was unable to continue my education.

I joined the BRAC Health Program in the year 1996 but sadly had to leave due to some personal issues. I joined BRAC again as a security staff in 2007.

I am a single mother. My elder son lives with me here in Mohakhali and my younger son is a special needs child who is now under the supervision of a welfare organisation. I joined Brac University in 2014, and this was perhaps one of the best decisions I have ever taken for myself.

I start my day with fajr prayer. After cooking food for my son, I get ready and come to university early in the morning. My regular shift is for 10 hours a day but I do overtime as long as the students stay in the campus. My elder son was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. He is now in remission, but is still unable to work. I work hard so that I can look after my sons and my parents in Faridpur.

One of the main reasons I enjoy my work is because of the students in our university. They are very enthusiastic, hardworking and ambitious. Every now and then students who have graduated will come to meet me. They’ll give me a warm hug and tell me about their achievements, and as I look into their faces I forget all my weariness of the day. Standing by the gate all day, checking ID cards and bags is difficult and tiring. Sometimes students misbehave with us and other unsavoury things happen. But, this is all a part of my job. It is bittersweet having to say goodbye to many people every semester, but I also love meeting the new students. After spending 3 to 4 years together in the same compound, they become a part of my life as well. Working with the students and seeing their smiling faces helps me get over my trials and sufferings.”

Mustari Begum

Guard Commander


The word “Mustari” means Star. The name is fitting, as many of us can testify that our days have been brightened after seeing Mustari apu’s smile.

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