Mohammad Khorshed Alam

“I was born and brought up here in Mohakhali. I know the ins and outs of this area, and no other place feels like home. I have my parents, siblings – a happy family. I completed my Master’s in Economics from Titumir College. I applied for jobs, but never felt that my true potential was being utilised. The salary I got was negligible compared to the hard-work and effort I put in. Rather than being another rat in the race, I decided to build something from scratch, something I could call my own. And so, Ek Cup Cha was born.

Almost all my clientele are students from Brac University. Many of them I know by name, and they are more than just customers. The connections I’ve created with the students over the years still stand strong, and many even come back to meet me after they’ve graduated. I know this advice will fall on deaf ears, but I would suggest that the students hang out less and focus on more on their studies.

I open my cafe at 8 am every morning and close the shutters late at night. Fridays are reserved for sleeping. The graffiti in my shop was drawn by my cousin, and many of the ideas came from students of BracU. All the graffiti is in black and white now, but as I start making these items available in my shop I’ll start colouring them in. I’ve been tending to shops and serving people all my life, and cooking has always been a passion of mine. Some people think there is a stigma attached to operating a small shop despite having a Master’s degree, but I enjoy owning my own business, and am making good money.

This place has seen many types of students over the years. Interacting with them and listening to their stories keeps me motivated. I’m happy with my life. Let’s see where my path leads me in the future.”

Khorshed bhai’s small but vibrant cafe is a welcome reprieve to students seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of BracU life. You can find this inspirational person in the first building to the right after taking the small road that leads to Mohakhali Wireless gate from UB02, in the same building that has the printer shops up front.

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