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Wellbeing and Digital Branding Workshops by Youth Policy Forum and Economics Club

On March 24th and 31st, Youth Policy Forum and the Movers Program collaborated to organise online workshops at BRAC University with the help of on-campus media partner BRACU Express. The workshops focused on ‘’Wellbeing For Changemakers’’ and “Digital Branding And Employability’’. The workshops were co-hosted by the BRAC University Economics Club (BUEC).

The goal of the workshops was to help young people enhance their personal well-being and aid in leaving a positive impression in the online world with the assistance of digital branding. 

PERMA Theory

The first workshop which was held on 24 March anchored on well-being amongst the youth, and how it is essential to prioritise mental health. As much as we take care of ourselves when hurt physically, we should take the same measures, if not more when we are in emotional turmoil. The event explicated the infamous PERMA Theory to reiterate bringing mental health to stability. The acronym PERMA stands for Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishments. Each of these five fundamental components contributes to the well-being of various people at differing degrees. 

The Importance of Networking

Lastly, the focal point of the second workshop was about creating digital portfolios using LinkedIn. In a world where the availability of digital tools has made life easier, communication, networking, and showcasing skills have become elementary. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet, is a platform where you can display your skills, and connect with individuals who have the potential to guide you to career formation. Building your professional network can connect you to doors of opportunities, and allow you to stay in a professional mindset. Discovering existing connections on LinkedIn can improve your networking skills and according to a survey, 50%+ of hires result from personal connections. 

Not Forgoing Your Health For Growth

As time is changing, it is advised to adapt to the changes. Adjusting to changes can put weight on your mental health and aiding it should become indispensable. Technology has improved every aspect of our life, from networking and healthcare to communication and transportation. Being able to make the best use of its use to link with individuals in career prospects is profoundly significant.

Labiba Alam Raidha

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